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Located in Jacksonville, Florida, HealthLink products are considered some of the finest produced in the Medical Industry. HealthLink was founded in 1993 with a very simple premise - Give The Customer What They Want.  With this vision HealthLink's flagship item, AloeGuard®, was born. Through a survey of 40 different sites in the Southeast, HealthLink asked one question - What would you like to see in a soap?  From this simple premise, we now carry over 2,200 items.

  1. The HealthLink Family of Medical Products now covers a wide range - Medical Lamps & Batteries, Infection Control, Stains & Reagents, Culture Media, Biological Indicators, Environmental & Industrial Media and more. {TEST}

Mission Statement

Our Company and its brands are recognized as vehicles for our distribution partners to create new sales, increase gross profits and decrease cost in product procurement.

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